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We not only prepare your tax return but also provide critical tax planning opportunities that many tax firms miss. We are affiliated with one of Minnesota’s Leading Wealth Management Companies which allows us to provide a unique tax service not found elsewhere in the Twin Cities.



We are unlike most other tax preparers. We purposely keep our client base small so we are able to spend more time thinking objectively about your tax situation and find ways to save you money now and in the future.


We look for every deduction and credit available to you, some of which are mutually exclusive creating a dilemma over which to utilize first. This is done on both the Federal and MN state level.

Portfolio Tax Analysis

There are many things you can do with your investment portfolio that can save you money on taxes: asset location, tax-loss/gain harvesting, utilizing tax-efficient investments, capital gain management, and more. We review and recommend changes to your portfolio as we see opportunity for improvement.

Executive Compensation

RSUs, NSOs, ISOs, SARs, ESPP, Deferred Compensation, Private Stock, are just some of the ways you may be compensated, and they all have a different tax impact. We provide guidance on what can be a lucrative but confusing part of your income.

Income Planning

Changes to your income has a direct impact on taxes. Whether it’s related to your job, the sale of real estate, or anything else, we make sure you are prepared for the inevitable tax consequences of such an event.

Conversion Strategies

Are you better off holding your tax deferred assets (401(k), IRA, etc.) where they are or should you be converting and paying the taxes now? We walk you through the decision-making process so your portfolio is structured appropriately from a tax perspective heading into retirement and you are paying the lowest amount of taxes possible.

Concentrated Stock Positions

If you have a large concentrated stock position you may be risking your retirement and other goals on one company, but selling will lead to significant tax liability. We provide guidance on strategic liquidation of large stock holdings.

Tax Projections

We can prepare a tax projection in the Fall so there are no surprises come tax time. We determine what you should be doing before year-end to reduce your taxes, as well as advise on estimated payments if we think it’s appropriate. This is ideal for clients with changing income situations and those who owed significant taxes in the previous year.

Charitable Gifting Strategies

Tax Reform has made your charitable gifting a strategic decision in terms of timing and amounts. This is one Schedule A deduction that can still be taken advantage of with significant tax savings. We advise you on the best way to take advantage of this through a Donor Advised Fund or other means.

Long-Range Planning

Your income tax situation will change in the future; there are things you can be doing now to save on subsequent years’ taxes. Did you know Tax Reform is temporary and is set to sunset in 2025? What are you doing to take advantage of this opportunity? When you retire, your income tax situation is likely to change dramatically and multiple times depending on the timing of social security and other income sources. We help determine the best course of action for every stage of life.

Wealth Management

We can also help manage your investments, provide retirement planning, and many other wealth management related services. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about these other services at your tax meeting.


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