Our Process


Tax Preparation Quote

Our process starts with a no-cost, no obligation quote for your current year tax preparation. Please provide as much detail as possible for an accurate estimate. Click Here to Complete the Questionnaire. Keep in mind this is only an estimate and could be higher or lower depending on the actual work involved.


Documentation Gathering

We’ll need your tax documents including: W2s, 1099s, K1s, 1098s, Brokerage Statements, previous year’s tax return, and any other pertinent information. We will provide a New Client Tax Organizer that will assist you in your document gathering to ensure nothing is missed. Once complete you can mail or drop your documents off at our office in Plymouth, email, or upload to our secure client portal.


Tax Preparation

We incorporate the information you provided to prepare your return, and once completed, review. We then reach out to schedule your tax signing and consultation meeting.


Tax Meeting & Consultation

It’s time to meet. We walk your through your tax return, explaining so you know exactly what is going on. We provide our insights into how you can save money on your taxes going forward. There are many things you can be doing from an income, expenses, and investment portfolio perspective that can have a large impact on your future taxes. Finally, we collect your signatures to e-file the return.


Meet your team of trusted advisors.