Frequently Asked Questions


What Type of Client Do you Serve?

We are a small tax firm with a focus on a core group of individuals. Generally, our clients are either higher-income, have significant savings, or both. At the end of the day, they are are looking for a deeper dive when it comes to tax planning. For more detail on who we serve, click here.

WHat Services Do You Provide?

Simply, we provide tax preparation and tax planning. However, we think of ourselves as tax advisors because we can provide tax advice related to multiple areas of your life, including employee compensation, investment portfolios, income planning, retirement and withdrawal strategies. For more information, click here.

What is the Process of Becoming a Client?

It starts with a quote to understand your tax needs. If its a good fit, we send a tax organizer to complete and send back with your tax documentation. We then complete and analyze your return for tax saving and planning strategies. Once your return is reviewed and finalized we meet to walk you through your return. For more information, click here.

Who is Phillip James Financial?

Phillip James Financial is our affiliated Wealth Management Company. If you are interested in additional help with your financial planning and investments we can discuss this in your tax meeting.

Why Choose A Firm Like PJF Tax iNstead of a Large National Tax Preparation Company?

If you want a holistic approach to taxes and an ongoing relationship with a tax advisor than we may be the right firm for you. We see tax preparation as a commodity; most consumer tax software’s and national tax preparation chains can file the returns. Where they fall short is objectively thinking about the total tax and wealth situation.

Why is PJF Tax Ongoing Advice Important?

Annual tax preparation is just one component, real tax planning is forward looking. Proper planning requires your individual situation to be fully understood by your tax advisor. Many strategies are executed as part of a multi-year plan and not a one-time event. Your situation will likely change over time resulting in changes to your plan. To provide this service we are selective with who we work with to cultivate long-term relationships.

Must I live in the Twin Cities to be a Client?

No. While ideal to have an person meeting for the initial tax consultation, it is not required. We will work with you to find the best solution.

What does it Cost to Work With PJF TAx?

The cost of preparing a tax return varies from one person to the next based on complexity. The best way to understand cost is to request a free quote by clicking here. We also offer discounts to Wealth Management clients.