Integrated tax planning & preparation for individuals and families.


Plymouth, MN Tax Preparation


As your trusted tax advisor, we serve to provide answers to your questions so you can make educated and informed decisions. For many individuals, taxes represent one of the largest annual expenditures - directly impacting your wealth.

Our goal is not only to prepare your return, but to identify tax planning opportunities that save, preserve, and ultimately grow your wealth. When we look beyond your current tax situation and frame-up what future tax years could look like we are truly planning.

Through our unique approach we’ll plan around your situation and needs. At the end of the day, taxes are specific to you and the planning and preparation should reflect that.


Save Time

Save time by allowing us to prepare your tax return. You are busy, let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.


Save Money

Save money as we find ways to reduce your taxable income and build strategies to lower the taxes you pay in the long-run.


Save Yourself

Taxes are complicated. It can be challenging to coordinate your tax situation with your overall wealth picture. We will help with that.


Meet your team

Meet your team of trusted advisors who have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to tax planning and preparation.


We don’t just prepare tax returns, that’s simply a step in the process. More importantly, we are tax advisors and tax planners painting a holistic financial picture.

— James L. Sexton, CPA


Who we serve best…

We are a boutique tax firm specializing in complicated tax situations related to high-income, significant investment assets and high-net worth situations.